Hot Trends for Fall Weddings

YOU GUYYYYYYSSSSSSSS. Let me be super cliche and get excited about the weather dropping in temperature, the PSL in all its glory available anytime I need it, and me being able to wear my old/new boots I got last season!!

But what I am way more excited for is fall weddings! We have been blessed with the most amazing weather for the past month in Kansas City, and with couples planning their Fall 2017 nuptials we wanted to give you a little help. Check out these super hot trends coming your way, and how easy they are to implement into your big day! 

1. Daring Color Palettes

Meet my new obsession. Bold, beautiful, and ready to stun! Choosing color palettes early in the wedding process help you not only come up with an overall theme, but allow you to play around with different shades and textures. This gives you a fantastic foundation moving forward, and gets you to think outside the box. Don't hold back! Fall is the perfect time to play with darker colors you may otherwise be hesitant about. I mean, hello. This is stunning!

2. Pre-Holiday Touches

The holidays are simply my favorite time of the year. Regardless of your belief, religion or ideas we can all agree the holidays are the quintessential time to gather everyone you love, and celebrate the family you have created. Well, weddings are essentially the same thing, and fall weddings are the perfect excuse to add all the things we love about the holidays! Pumpkins, pie, falling leaves, hot chocolate, the list goes on! You don't need to go overboard, but putting in small touches here and there will make your wedding more memorable and warming.

3. Sleeves

While wearing a long sleeve gown is not ideal in July it is always nice to have a little extra protection, especially when the weather drops. And we have just the designer for the plus size bride! Studio Levana is one of our favorites, and their gowns are something to behold. Take a look at this beauty, Reut. Three Studio Levana gowns will be exclusively at All My Heart Bridal in just a couple of months so make sure to give us a call at 816-600-0651 to schedule your appointment! 

4. Foil Invites

Anything that sparkles or glistens like Edward has my automatic vote, but when putting together the perfect Save The Dates and wedding invites play with foils. They are a fun way to give any stationary an extra pop. Use a whimsical font to make it even more fun, yet in keeping with a classic feel. Need some suggestions? Contact Yellowbrick Graphics, our go-to for anything stationary! 

We can't wait to see what fall touches you included at your wedding! Comment with photos and descriptions below. As always, for tips, tricks, and of course the perfect plus size bridal shopping experience give us a call at 816-600-0651. We can't wait to meet you!