Top Five Tips for Buying the Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress

First things first ladies; Grab a beautiful cup of coffee and get comfortable because we have a good blog post in store for you today!

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Plus size wedding dress shopping is one of the most beautiful and fun moments during the wedding planning process. It is the time for your nearest and dearest, favorites and lovelies to gather together under one roof to find the perfect gown that makes you feel like the perfect bride on your big day. It is supposed to be a grown up version of dress up made to be fun and carefree, but sometimes shopping for the gown can be overwhelming, stressful, and even more difficult than it should be.

Here are All My Hearts Top Five Tips for Buying the Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress which will prep and prepare you to have the one-of-a-kind shopping experience, and "Say yes to the dress!" moment you have always dreamed of!

1. Understand it is not you. It is TOTALLY the dress.

It is soooo important, VITAL, actually, especially for plus size brides, to understand the sizing and structure of how wedding gowns are created. Most designers take pre-determined measurements and place them into size categories which allows them to mass produce their gowns for a wide range of body types. Typically sizing is always on the smaller side which means brides, who could measure at a standard size 16, will sometimes have to wear a size 18 or even 20 in their wedding gown. DON'T WORRY! It is not you. It is totally the dress. And the earlier you understand this concept the less surprised you will be when you walk into the salon!

2. Set your budget

Creating an open line of communication about what your budget for your gown will be, PRIOR to starting the shopping process, will save you one of the biggest headaches brides face. Start the conversation with your fiance if the two of you are are footing the bill. If your parents will be paying for your dress make sure you come up with a figure that is comfortable for everyone. Most importantly, let your stylist know at the bridal salon what your true budget is so she can help guide you in the right direction from the start. 

3. Research local bridal salons

The prep work is just as important as the actual shopping experience when it comes to picking your gown. The average sample size carried in bridal salons across the US ranges from 8-12. As a curvy bride this could pose potential problems if you fall outside of those sizes. Make sure you are asking the salons what their sample size range is so you know prior to arrival what is available. Don't be afraid to travel! Curvy bridal salons are on the rise so take a look outside your immediate city and see what is available. ROAD TRIP!


Your stylists are there to help you find the gown of your dreams so be honest when it comes to silhouette, fit, color and style of the samples you try on. If you do not like something let them know. It's okay if you do not fall in love with every single gown. With that being said don't be afraid to listen to your stylist and try on things outside your comfort zone. You may surprise yourself!

5. Bigger isn't always better

I have a large group of girlfriends whose opinions I love dearly, but when I decided to bring them all to my first dress shopping experience I realized very quickly that less is more. Not that I don't love what my friends and family have to say, but the more guests you bring the more opinions there are, and sometimes when you fall in love with something it hurts to hear your friends do not feel the same way. Three to four of your nearest and dearest is the perfect number, and provides you with enough feedback to help you find the perfect gown!

Well there you have it ladies! AMH's Top Five Tips for Buying the Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress. To schedule an appoint your appointment click here, or give us a call at 816-600-0651. We cannot wait to see you soon!