Travel 101 | How To Travel With Your Plus Size Wedding Dress

You have crossed your "T's" and dotted your "I's" and are getting ready for your fantastic destination wedding! And then you remember that somehow you have to get your big, beautiful, wedding dress from point A to point B, and now you're freaking out. FEAR NOT CURVY BRIDES! We have all the best tips and tricks when it comes to traveling with your dress making your journey effortless, relaxing, and enjoyable. Here we go:

How To Travel With Your Plus Size Wedding Dress

1. Contact Your Airline

Each airline has their own regulations and rules when it comes to what luggage goes where, and the easiest thing you can do to avoid any surprises on travel day to is contact your airline ahead of time, and see what they recommend when it comes to flying with your dress. For example, American Airlines allows you to bring a soft-sided garment bag in lieu of a carryon. Some airlines will also have a small closet space available for hanging garments, but be mindful other passengers may take priority!

2. Always Carryon Your Dress

Did you know that one out of every four weddings are destination weddings? Did you also know that in 2016 SITA, (International Aeronautical Telecommunications Society) reports that 23.1 millions bags were lost. 23.1 MILLION PEOPLE. Lesson? Do not ever put your wedding dress in a checked bag. Always keep it in a carryon bag, or, garment bag, and in your sight at all times. Check out this video to show you how to properly pack your dress! 

3. Invest In A Garment Bag

Your wedding dress is an investment, and it is important, nay, vital, to protect this investment while it is in your care. Whether you reach your destination by plane, train, automobile, horse & buggy, or futuristic means the more time your dress spends exposed to the elements are simply more chances for it to get stained, wrinkled, or ruined. At All My Heart Bridal we offer both plastic, and linen, garment bags to our brides at time of purchase, and always encourage curvy girls to take us up on the offer. It is the one item you will not regret spending budget money on!

4. Last Resort: Ship It

While we never recommend this method to our brides it is sometimes unavoidable. Shipping can cause anxiety, but follow these simples rules, and you will prepare yourself for anything! Always use a reputable carrier, such as FedEx or UPS. Always make sure you have tracking information so you can stay up-to-date on where your package is at all times. Always insure your package for the full retail price you paid for the gown, and keep a copy of your receipt for your records. Should the package get damaged in transit, or, not make it to the destination, you will need your receipt to show proof of purchase, and how much you paid. And lastly, always pack a backup for just in case scenarios. Did you know the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists sells a box specifically for destination weddings that includes a specialized container with acid-free paper, stain stick, and instructions on how to securely package your gown? Get it girl!

Don't let your travels get you in a frenzy, because guess what curvy girls, this is going to be you in just a short time! Have fun!

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