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It's that time again! We here at All My Heart Bridal want to continue bringing some of the best of the best in the wedding industry to our brides through our Interview with a Pro Series. Here is another great pro, Ultrapom Event Rentals, with some tips and tricks on getting the most out of your event rental services. 

Ultrapom Event Rentals | Kansas City Event Rentals

Ultrapom Event Rental is the work of Carolyn Campbell Schwartz. An Overland Park native, Carolyn moved back to the Kansas City area after living in Sydney, Australia, where her husband is from. Her background is in Interior Architecture and Urban Planning, but her passion is creating beautiful events that help set the stage for a memorable time.

We love beautiful things and places that evoke emotion, with a little twist of fun and personality. Carolyn started Ultrapom because she loved finding all the items that made up the decor of her own wedding, but hated that she had to buy all this stuff for one night! How time-consuming and wasteful. There must be a better way. Enter: rentals!

Advice for Navigating Your Event Rentals

  • Research is always a good starting point! Research the style you want and keep your decor and color palette concise and within that style.
  • Ultrapom can work with budgets high and low. We have such a variety of rentals that we can make a beautiful event at any price point.
  • Get a list of tables and a floor plan for your event from the wedding venue. This will give you an exact idea of how many tablecloths you will need for your big day!
  • Prioritize your budget. If a courtyard filled with twinkling lights is really important to you, we can work with you to keep costs low in other areas so we can make the lights happen!
  • Ultrapom stands out from the pack because of our personalized and attentive customer service. We work hard to accommodate every event type and budget.

Trends for 2018!

  • Statement Pieces! Bring in elements to your event that show your personality. Ultrapom has Donut walls, Boxwood Bars, custom backdrops to help make every event unique.
  • Texture! Whether that is from a soft draping over an arch or a velvet linen on our head table. It is all about mixing texture to bring richness to your event.


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