Interview With A Pro - Tannah Terry Photography

To say we have fallen in love with Tannah of Tannah Terry Photography is an understatement. Her gorgeous photos of #realamhbride Shelby & husband Garrett are so cool we used one of them in our new Knot Magazine ad out now! So when we thought about who we want to interview in the photography category of our Interview With A Pro segment we knew Tannah would be perfect. 

Get ready to learn all about wedding photography, the dos/don'ts, and the pieces of info only a pro could give you. And, don't forget to reach out to Tannah if you're still on the hunt for a photographer as you won't regret it. You can find all of her contact information below. Are you ready?!

Interview With A Pro - Tannah Terry Photography

Tannah Terry, Owner of Tannah Terry Photography

I’m 21 years old and a senior at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri.
Surprisingly enough, I am actually majoring in Agricultural Business; but plan to go full-time as
a love and senior photographer after I graduate this December! I grew up in a small town in
Northwest Missouri, hence the reason for my agriculture background. My great-grandmother
bought me my first camera (it was far from fancy), and since I can remember I have loved
taking pictures of anything and everything.
Photography turned into more than a hobby when I finally turned sixteen and could drive myself to sessions. Since then, I have been obsessed with constantly learning and practicing to make myself a better photographer. I’ve found my niche, and I believe it is important to be really good at a couple things, rather than mediocre at it all. Part of the service I provide is the experience. I like using the word “friends” rather than clients, because I want to be friends, not just someone who is hired for the day.
Getting to know my couples is one of my favorite things about my business. It is important to me that I capture the little moments in between the big ones, because I believe the little moments make the big ones — well, big. I’m a sucker for some genuine emotion and capturing the raw,
unposed moments. I love love and being able to tell a story with my pictures!

What are the most important questions to ask when booking a photographer?

Before reaching out to a photographer, I always suggest checking out their website (and insta too)! The biggest thing is making sure you book a photographer because you like their work, not
necessarily the price tag. Some photographers have a light and airy look, while others, like me,
have warmer, more earthy tones. There’s no right or wrong, just personal preference! This is
also something I love about the photography industry — we are all allowed to express our
personalities through our work. After looking through the photographers work, I would suggest
looking to see if they have any information about their pricing and packages on their website. Planning a wedding is obviously stressful and time consuming, if you are able to find that information it can save both of you from wasting time.
After you decide you want to book your photographer, you should either email or fill out a
contact form on their website! As long as they aren’t booked, they will probably send you
additional information about the pricing and packages. Be sure to read through it all, as many
of us answer a lot of the questions you might have! It is important to feel like you “vibe” with you photographer, to make sure you will get along well. Being comfortable with someone is
probably the most important condition for good pictures! Each couple and wedding is different, so I don’t really think there is a right or wrong question to ask! It all depends on the photographer and your needs. Just be yourself and show your excitement when contacting a potential wedding photographer!

How much should couples plan to spend on a wedding photographer?

Engagement Photo | Tannah Terry Photography

Pricing for wedding photography is all over the board. In my opinion, you usually get what you pay for with wedding photography. I always tell my couples/potential couples to think of your wedding photography as an investment. After the celebration is over, the only thing left are the pictures!
You want to have someone there to capture all the important things, from the details to the first
kiss. My packages start at $1,800, with many al a carte options available. Each of my packages
also come with a complementary engagement session, which is important to me since I want
to get to know my couples before their wedding day! I also love getting to be a part of their
journey to a married couple from the beginning.

Where should I search for wedding photographers?

Of course there are many websites like, and those are great! However, I always think it is good to ask your friends or people from around the area you’re getting married in. I am personally from a small town, so I might be harder to find than those from Kansas City. Instagram is also a good place to find vendors. You can easily search hashtags or locations to see who has tagged those in their posts! After you find a vendor or two, it can also be helpful to see if they
recommend anyone or have suggestions. After all, the professionals know best! They might
even have someone they prefer working with, or know someone who they would love to get the
chance to work with.

What makes Tannah Terry Photography unique?

All of my wedding packages come with a complimentary engagement session. This is nice so I can get to know my couples and get them comfortable in front of my camera before the big day. It is also important so I can become friends with them and help in any way possible! I also give my couples access to a session guide for their engagement session, this helps lower the stress of
trying to figure out what to wear, where to go, etc.
I provide my couples with an enjoyable experience, and try to keep the stress low. I also communicate with my brides and grooms to set up a customized wedding day timeline so we don’t miss a moment. On my couples wedding day, I like to think of myself as not only their photographer, but also their personal assistant. I will be there to help make sure everything looks great, and heck...even make sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth! Plus, I like to think I am super fun and make pictures enjoyable for not only the bride, but my grooms too!

What are your top tricks and tips for wedding photography?

I cannot say it enough to make sure you go with a photographer you “vibe” with. Don’t choose your photographer solely on the price — you’ll have your wedding pictures for the rest of your lives. Do not be afraid to ask questions, we are here to help! Trust your photographer. For someone like me personally, I would prefer if you didn’t show up to your session with a Pinterest board full of pictures you’d like me to copy. It is always okay to have some inspiration, but part of choosing your photographer is letting them create unique images and capturing your love — not recreating someone else’s. Just be yourself, and don’t worry about being “awkward.” It is our responsibility to direct you and capture some amazing pictures! Also, be sure to pick outfits you are comfortable in — that way you are comfortable during your session!

Tannah Terry | Owner of Tannah Terry Photography


Many of my couples feel awkward, don’t think they’re photogenic, or are camera shy. After
realizing I could somewhat prevent this, I did something about it. I’ve created a guide to help
them prepare and get excited for their session! This helps keep the stress low and make sure
they know what to expect in order to get the most out of their session. I use to have people
show up in all sorts of things, but now my couples are prepared (and I can create some
amazing photos for them)! Since doing this, I have found that it adds value to my work and
experience, and people truly love their pictures!


Just like anything, trends in photography are constantly changing. This is why I make it a
priority to never stop learning and investing in my business! While “timeless” pictures are great,
I feel that it is important to make sure pictures don’t look like they were taken 10 years ago.
One of the things I love most about photography and capturing life’s beautiful moments, and
being able to look back and really reminisce on those memories. My particular style is a lot less
posed, I don’t want my couples to feel stiff — it is more of an experience than a session! Each
session I find myself getting more excited to be behind the camera, and to be a part of another
couples love story. I sure am blessed to do what I do!

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