Five Myths About Wedding Dress Shopping

Hello curvy bride! Are you ready to start your dress shopping journey, and everyone is giving you advice about how you should, or should not, respond when you find “the one?”


Listen, your wedding dress shopping journey will be unique to you. No two brides are alike so no experience will be the same. And while cousin Sally may have gone shopping before, or your mom watches hundreds of episodes of wedding shows, that doesn’t mean they know exactly how YOU will react when you’re the one on the pedestal.

In this post we talk about the Top Five Myths of wedding dress shopping, and why they can hurt your experience, but only if you let them. Ready? Lets go!

The “Say Yes to the Dress” Illusion

If there is one thing bridal stylists love/hate to hear, it is “I watch a TON of Say Yes to the Dress!” While this can be a fun show to fill your time, taking it as the basis for what to expect when you go wedding dress shopping could set you up for downright disappointment.

Couple of things to note about Say Yes to the Dress -

  1. Brides have to apply to be on the show which means they’re looking for brides with stories who can evoke emotion, have a larger than life outlook on their big day, or will turn up the heat in the drama department to make for better viewing.

  2. According to Insider, producers try to stir up even more emotions between brides and her entourage by asking more questions about statements which could cause disagreements.

  3. You are watching a television show which means while brides are potentially saying yes to their dress everything has been dramatized, and given brides unrealistic ideas of what to expect.

So, takeaway from this? Watching this show may give you an idea of styles, and trends, but don’t use this as a resource of what to expect when you go shopping. Bridal boutiques focus on providing intimate, and personalized experiences free of drama and bright lights.

If You Don’t Cry It’s Not Your Gown

This is probably one of the craziest myths we hear all the time, and one we have seen make brides really question whether they’re making the right decision or not.

Let me tell you a personal story. I did not cry when I found my dress, and that doesn’t mean I didn’t love the crap out of it! I am just not a cryer! And while some brides do get incredibly emotional for a multitude of reasons, just because you don’t shed tears of joy doesn’t mean that isn’t your dress. You’re going to try on tons of gowns at your appointment so the shock of seeing yourself in a wedding dress will ware off. Don’t second guess yourself. You know yourself better than anyone, and if you LOVE a dress then that is all that matters.

Another piece of advice? Don’t let the tears of others make you think you’re making a wrong decision. Your entourage may get emotional over a dress you’re not in love with, and you can’t let their emotions lead you in a different direction. Listen to yourself, and let your own heart guide you!

Must. Keep. Shopping.

So, you go to the bridal shop, find a beautiful dress, feel like it is the one, and then someone says “but you can’t buy from the first place you try on!”

Ummm. Why the hell not?

Here’s the thing. There are about eight wedding dress silhouettes, and about four design options - plain, lace, beading, or a combo of both. When you go to your appointment you will try on all of these options, and if you find a dress that speaks to you, makes you feel beautiful, confident, sexy, and exactly how you want to feel on the big day then GIRL THAT IS YOUR DRESS!

It doesn’t matter how many places you go. Let me repeat that statement. IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MANY PLACES YOU GO! Why would you keep shopping and trying to re-live the moment you have already had in a dress that you love? Don’t go chasing the dress girl. The more dresses you try on the more confused you get. The more confused you get the less you listen to yourself. And when you don’t listen to yourself you end up picking a dress you don’t love.

So, when you find the one, don’t feel guilty about purchasing, and don’t feel pressured to keep going. Celebrate girl!

Big Entourage = More Fun

Wrong as a dong all day long (Last Man on Earth reference…. anyone…?). We all want to bring our moms, besties, and important people in our lives to the bridal appointment. And there is nothing wrong with that! But sometimes when you have lots of voices shouting at you, your own voice can get lost, and that is not at all what we want.

At the end of the day YOU’RE the one that has to wear the dress, and it is important to be able to clearly think about what it is that you do/don’t like about certain styles. Make sure you bring people who can give you advice, and positive opinions, but will ultimately support and love the choice YOU make.

Another reason to keep things smaller? Many bridal stores have guest limits for this very reason, especially on Saturdays when things get busy. Don’t want to make friends or family upset? Split up the group, and bring the most important with you to purchase, and the others to your Pick Up appointment once the dress arrives!

I Can Find It Cheaper Online

Girl, I could talk about this for days, but for the sake of this blog post I am going to touch on a couple of things. In this day and age when you can find almost anything online, and have it shipped to you in 48 hours, it is tempting to visit your local boutique, and then go online to see what’s available. But there is always a catch. Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Designer Gowns For Cheap = Knockoffs

    • Most reputable designers work strictly with brick and mortar retail stores to sell their items, and do not allow us to sell online. This means if you see an Allure gown for $300.00, it is more than likely fake, and not actually made to the same standards which means fit, shape and style are all sacrificed

  • You Get What You Pay For

    • If the price is too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true! When it comes to your wedding dress brides who spend good money will receive a good quality product, and the backing to know if something is wrong it will be taken care of ASAP. Buy online for dirt cheap? Good luck trying to get money back if there are issues, or if your items don’t get delivered. Why add all the stress when you don’t have to?

  • Big Box Stores Have It For Less

    • When a designer sells to a large company, the company purchases a large quantity of dresses at a discounted price and holds them in a warehouse. They fill online orders as they come in. If they need to drum up more business, inventory in a style gets low, or they realize the gown doesn’t sell, they mark the dresses down to liquidate inventory. As a bridal stores work we work on a special order basis. This means when you say yes, we submit the order to the designer, and they create a brand new gown specifically for you. As a small business we do not have the ability to purchase in large quantities to secure lower pricing, so our cost of goods will always be higher, and for good reason. When you shop at a big box store you’re a number, and you sacrifice the personalized experience, education/expertise, and quality of goods that boutiques can offer.

Lessons learned today? What you see on television isn’t always real life, crying doesn’t mean you’re not in love, more shopping doesn’t mean more clarity, big groups aren’t for everyone, and online shopping doesn’t always work.

Five Myths of Wedding Dress Shopping