M E E T * T H E * S T Y L I S T

All My Heart Bridal Stylists (From Left) - Samantha, Sarah, Danielle

Curvy Girl We See you!

The AMH Stylists have one thing in common; we LOVE a good love story! Getting to meet so many different brides with a variety of styles and they all have one hell of a love story to share when it comes to shopping for their dress.

Whether you’ve been dating for years or months, whether you’re planning a long engagement or short, our job is to help you find the dress of your dreams. Our knowledge of the bridal industry, the Kansas City wedding market, and our love of all things curvy, enables us to not only be your new BFF, but a trusted advocate.

Because we play such a big role in your dress shopping journey it’s only fair you get to know us a little bit before your visit! Get to know Sarah, Danielle & Samantha, the bad ass boss babes what make All My Heart Bridal what it is. Lets go!

Meet Sarah

Sarah Bronson - Owner of All My Heart Bridal

Hey girl! My name is Sarah, and I am the Owner of All My Heart Bridal, and the OG of curvy stylists! Since opening AMH three years ago, I focus on empowering and educating each bride I work with to be her most confident self. My drive and passion for changing the industry, and creating a more size-inclusive atmosphere in this city is my number one priority. I have been married to my loving husband, Tyler, for five years. We have two awesome pups, Lilly & Lyla, and look forward to starting a family one day. When I am not in the shop you can find me traveling the world, nose-deep in a good mystery novel, or spending as much time with my friends and family as I can.

My current favorite trend when it comes to bridal is the unique colors brides are choosing to wear down the aisle. This year alone we have sold, black, blue, and even red wedding dresses, HOLLA! I love when brides bring their unique personalities into their appointment, and create a custom look that simply screams them. And I can tell you their fiance loves it as well!

If I could give curvy girls one piece of advice when it comes to shopping it is this - choose the dress that makes YOU feel good, not what you think others will like. So many times we see brides be swayed out of the dress of their dreams because their glam squad prefers another look, even if the bride isn’t a huge fan. And that girl, ain’t okay. When you feel beautiful and confident it will radiate off you! When you feel intimidated or uneasy, it will show as well. Listen to your gut, and don’t miss out on your moment when you find the one. Celebrate it!

Meet Danielle

Danielle Burriss - Lead Stylist at All My Heart Bridal

Hello AMH Babes!

My name is Danielle and I am the Lead Stylist at AMH. My journey with @allmyheartbridal began as a fellow bride, just like you! I married the man of my dreams, Ryan on June 10th, 2017, in my gorgeous AMH gown. We have two fur babies Champion and Shelby. 2019 is a pretty exciting year for our little family, we are adding a baby boy to the fam! Our little turkey is due to arrive November 2019.

I knew I wanted to be a part of AMH's mission after I experienced the fabulousness of which AMH stands for when I purchased my own gown from Sarah in the fall of 2016. I have now been a part of the #AMHWorkFamily for over 2 years and a part of the #AMHFamily for almost 3 years!

Being a curvy woman myself I know the obstacles we face when we go out shopping. Curves are beautiful and we shouldn't have to try and fit to a gown, we should be able to find a gown that works for us and our curves. I am a sucker for a gorgeous A-Line or Fitted Gown on our brides. Flaunt them curves girl!

Working at AMH has let me be a a part of so many special moments with brides. Getting to know our brides and helping them find the gown of their dreams, to marry the person they love in, is seriously such a joy for me. Just being able to be a small part in their wedding story is such a delight. When it comes to shopping for your wedding dress my advice to all the brides out there is to have an open mind. I always tell my brides, you don't know until you try it on. We want you to really enjoy the experience here at AMH. We truly care about our brides and their story. So come on in, bring the bridal squad and lets have some FUN! To all of our past brides, Thank You, seriously you rock and we love you! To all of our future brides, I can not wait to meet you and welcome you to our amazing #AMHFamily. See you soon girl! XO

Meet Samantha

Samantha Legleiter - Stylist

After talking with Sarah and feeling her vibe, I knew this was the place to be. Some of the comments during our initial conversation just solidified what a down to earth, normal, everyday human she is. Everyone at AMH is so kind and truly there to help those of us in the curvy world find the perfect gown!

I mean.....what is not to love. I feel like so many girls come in already defeated. I believe every bride should have that AMAZING feeling while bridal gown shopping. At AMH I LOVE working with curvy fashionistas and turning their perception of a dreaded experience (things won't fit, it's going to be old looking, they won't have my size) into the memory of a lifetime!

My favorite trend is forever changing! Currently I'm obsessed with chunky lace, illusion necklines, and a big ol’ poofy skirt! My biggest piece of advice I could give to brides is to come to the appointment an open mind. We are not your average bridal store. Gowns WILL fit. Just know we are your new bestie. Five minutes after meeting we are already in the dressing room with you! Trust us. We are here to help you find your gown, we can only create and fix what you tell us to. We want this to be the PERFECT gown for your special day!

When I am not at AMH you can find me blogging about plus size fashion, lifestyle and everything in-between. Follow along with me on Instagram @ordinaryshesnot